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    Contact Bridge ITES Pvt. Ltd. Contact Center Consulting Division focuses on conducting structured reviews of your contact center. A team of consultants provides an objective and logical analysis of your contact protocols, workforce management, operational performance metrics, system configurations and data systems.

    The aim is to use Contact Bridge ITES Pvt. Ltd.’s unique Business Transformation Methodology to develop a strategy to identify and achieve your goals in contact center planning, implementation, and operations.

    Our expertise includes developing strategic and tactical roadmaps for performance improvement with suggested timelines, resources and milestones to optimize people, process, and technology.

    Contact Bridge ITES Pvt. Ltd. delivers the lowest cost solution, peak operational efficiency, improved customer experience, best possible ROI, and significant quality improvements by providing the highest quality outsourced customer contact management in the industry.

    Contact Bridge ITES Pvt. Ltd. offers variety of services; we are diversified in our operations to ensure we are prepared to handle the ever-changing demands of our clients.

    » Inbound Services
    » Outbound Services

    What are your customers looking for?
    » 80 percent of consumers prefer speaking with a live customer service representative to an automated system;
    » 94 percent of consumers like to be transferred to another customer service representative not more than once;
    » 80 percent of consumers prefer to speaking with a customer service representative on weekends;

    Every successful business focuses on three key elements in their relationships with their customers.

    » Customer Acquisition
    » Customer Care
    » Customer Growth
    - For furthur information, please visit Contact Bridge ITES Pvt. Ltd. Outbound Process

    Merely gaining new customers is not enough to maintain a healthy bottom line. In today's marketplace, the true value comes from the retention, growth, and care of the acquired customers. Developing and growing these relationships lead to expanding your customer base, enhancing your market position, and maximizing your bottom line. Acquiring, developing, and nurturing these key relationships is the core business of Contact Bridge ITES Pvt. Ltd.

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