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    Outbound Process

    Outbound Process

    The encyclopedic package of numbering and dialing tools drive productivity and profitability. Telemarketing is a quick and economical method of direct marketing to target the audience through phone calls for commercial transactions. This method is among one of the most cost effective ways to boost leads and increase sales.

    Contact Bridge ITES Pvt. Ltd. provides efficient business processes with result-oriented telecommunication technology of today. Because of our extensive research and development process with cosmopolitan experienced professionals who are self-motivated and focused to provide excellent services to our customers ,we provide you superior quality and cost-effective outbound and inbound telemarketing services.

    Advantages of Telemarketing:
    » Telemarketing provides the immediate feedback & valuable information that can be quickly analyzed.
    » It is the only form of advertising that requires an immediate response.You can also advertise special offers and discounts to the customers.
    » It also provides you with captive audience.Customer Retention can also be well entertained by providing them solutions.Satisfaction of customer queries can lead to the growth in business.
    » Telemarketing provides you with endless opportunities to increase your business horizons.

    Contact Bridge ITES Pvt. Ltd. provides telemarketing Services in Outbound and Inbound processes. We will make it possible for you to achieve success targets through our professional callers, trainers and managers according to your economic expectations Our services are equipped with sufficient skills and learnings to provide significant results.

    Whether it is Business to Consumer(B2C) or Business to Business(B2B) , we provide the following categories of Outbound Telemarketing:

    Customer Acquisition: Our well qualified specialized supervisors will provide sales and results on every telemarketing call. We provide customer-oriented acknowledged scripts for various market sections according to culture and trends. Contact Bridge ITES Pvt. Ltd. provides an effective outbound telemarketing leads and sales at an affordable price.

    Lead Qualification: Lead generation solutions increase sales and revenues. Our professionals provide higher value deals and maintain long term relationships with top most buyers and brands.We will closely examine your provided information followed by excellent solutions through campaigns and surveys to add the contacts of more enthusiastic customers into your database for your success.

    Customer Care: Outbound telemarketing is a powerful customer care tool.We are deeply concerned for your customers and provide them full 24*7 assistance for their feedback,queries,questions and suggestions.We are in continuous contact with them to entertain their interest.Our representatives are trained enough to change outbound lead calls to outbound telemarketing calls.

    Day tour Lead generation is part of our core competency for our prestigious time share clients. We have a track record of one of the top show rates, and net shows as per the client requirement. Our time share clients always enjoy one of the highest conversions on our day tours, which adds to their bottom-line.

    Our targeted and specialized calling into segmented market will increase the leads and productivity to provide better sales. As an efficient service provider, we decide criteria, create parameters and then produce targeted results.

    The sales lead generation has following advantages:
    » Customize databases to support client needs.
    » Represent you to the prospect.
    » Conversation through questioning.
    » Collect key data to move sales process forward.
    » Increase profits and sales.
    » Assist clients with obtaining targeted database.

    We provide B2B Lead generation and Business to Customers(B2C) for sales in various sectors (like Timeshare, Telecommunication, Data Collection, Lead Generation for Rewards, Incentive Product, Travel Incenives etc.). Our set technology selects only right leads to focus on the results which would be beneficial to you.

    With new threats and fraud evolving across the globe,the process of fraud detection has become very challenging. With the destructive nature and complexity of fraud, organizations have started investing a huge amount across the globe. The difficulty in managing the data and information protection from fraud has become a challenging job.

    Contact Bridge ITES Pvt. Ltd. has been chosen by number of prestigious corporations for providing the fraud detection security to their services and products. Our Fraud Detecion Services are being utilized, advertised, implemented and adopted by many small and big enterprises across the world. We are completely committed towards the fraud security and the solutions to prevent it.

    Direct TV Response is used to match the requirements and needs of clients with the aim to ensure total satisfaction. It is the most effective and easy way of promotion since it requests customers' to respond directly to advertisers. It is a combination of television and direct marketing techniques.

    Our representatives and agents are trained and experienced enough to express about products and services with full credibility to produce results of highest quality. We offer both short form and long form of DRTV to provide complete assistance. We provide planned, strategic, creative and expressive DRTV facility to our clients to ensure their success. We also provide qualified professionals for high sales and product awareness among customers to maintain long term relationships.

    Direct TV response may be used for:
    » Growth in Marketing
    » Sales efficiency
    » Effectiveness
    » Profits for the Company
    » Quick Response and Customer Feedback
    » Creates Brand Image

    Contact Bridge ITES Pvt. Ltd. provides wide stream of services across various market and industry segments.Our representatives are skilled enough to handle the entire process of calls.Our Management Information System(MIS) is well developed and well furnished to maintain the data and previous interactions between our representatives/agents and customers which will help us to examine the services like Resolution Rate(RR),Agent Quality Standard(AQS),Average Handling Time (AHT) etc.

    All the calls are recorded for quality purposes.We also provide Agent Quality Standard(AQS) measurement process through which you can submit your feedback about our agents. This will help us to improve in our quality standards and services . Our representatives are fully trained which has decreased our organization's Average Handling Time (AHT) with high First Call Resolution(FCR) making our services thoroughly customer oriented. It also helps us to achieve goals of service provider industry promptly.

    Alternatively, you may simply contact at the following numbers:
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    Toll: 1-888-537-8685

    or mail us at:

    E-mail: enquiry@contactbridge.com

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